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OMG! What if the fifth doctor when he got taken away in “The Five Doctors”

He was dropped in 2013 by accident and aged by the proximity to other doctors (like 5 in the time crash)

Found the route of the problem in unit, and there got changed so he could avoid trouble in his older state, giving his scarf away


And then spent time to work out the painting, so when he heard the doctor was coming back he could tell him that he’d succeeded, and reminisce about the future with himself, like he enjoys doing, deciding to call himself the curator which he hears 11 shouting. 

Kate shook her head. “Who are you?” she giggled.
To her surprise, the man shrugged. “Not anyone, really. I’m just looking after the museum for a friend. I guess you could call me the Curator.”
~ Summer Falls by Amelia Williams


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This just makes my heart so so happy.

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HEY ASSBUTT: liryczna: Most of the anti-Moffat posts I have seen tend to focus on...


Most of the anti-Moffat posts I have seen tend to focus on how he misinterprets women, apparently is a misogynistic jerk, and just writes women the wrong way, but I have never thought that, never. I have only felt degraded by the portrayal of women in Doctor Who during RTD’s era: it was his Harriet Jones, who was humiliated by the Doctor; his Rose Tyler, who changed boyfriends every episode; his Martha Jones, who was seen as unimportant, because the Doctor was not interested in her romantically; his Donna Noble, who thought she was nothing without a husband. Moffat’s women are not weak, dependent or unimportant. For Rory, Amy is an equal; River and the Doctor are the same. Why is it seen as wrong?

I’m sorry, but I can’t just pass this up. Harriet Jones basically rebuilt the government and settle the country after an alien attack herself, made a mistake act of genocide and then put all her efforts in doing something right before sacrificing herself for the sake of her and many other worlds. That’s pretty bad ass if you ask me. Rose Tyler spent the whole episode of Rose sick of Mickey, she had relationship issues, and then gave Adam the trip of a lifetime, meanwhile she falls in love with this incredible man she just met, someone unbelievable who does all this for her, someone seemingly unreachable. And she loved and chose him. Martha Jones was incredibly bad ass. Doctor suffered heartbreak and was distracted (who can blame him) and Martha stood on her own two feet, she loved him but realised she couldn’t have him and walked away, of her own choice, but made sure he came back at her beck and call. Never mind the time she walked the earth and basically singly handed saved the universe. Donna Noble, thought she was nothing because of how she was made out by everyone else, then she goes and saves the universe herself. She didn’t get married or find a boyfriend before she was the most important person in the universe, she was herself and that was enough. She never let the doctor over power her, she made him see her as an equal, regardless of whether or not he’s a timelord from Gallifrey. And don’t get me started on Astrid who didn’t need to love the doctor to know to save earth; the Hostess who independantly gave up her life because she worked out the trick; Jackie who helped the doctor after taking her daughter away and nearly killing her; Francine, a single mother who still does what’s best for her daughter; Sylvia who’s strong will passes through to Donna; Lucy Saxon who could happily have stayed with the master who could get her everything, but knew what was right and that she didn’t need a man; Lady Christina and Jenny who both drive off to have adventures themselves; Adelaide, an older woman who inspired the human races’ future who didn’t even need a romantic backstory, she got the right things done when they needed to be. Russell T Davies wrote strong characters, regardless of gender. His characters are strong or weak, flirtatious or strict, badass or coward, regardless of gender

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You are a wonderful kind caring sharer and your kindergarden teachers should be proud and thank you for community.
Anonymous asked

That is so nice! I made it a while ago then CommunityThings reblogged it and I’m glad I can share the show. I’m persuading my friends here in the UK to watch it but none of them can be bothered so I made it so they have no excuse!. But thank you for the anon, it was so sweet

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Rory Williams supports #watchcommunity !

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Community badges from Push Buttons on Etsy!

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jeff’s annie face™

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“What you’ve all done for me is… indescribable. It’s unbelievable.”

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I don’t know which is worse

Doctor Who ending in my lifetime, and I eventually become uninterested due to inactivity

or Doctor Who continuing past my lifetime, and I don’t live long enough to experience the rest of it

I’m pretty sure this is how the Doctor feels about his companions…